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Monday, March 8, 2010

Give us a good home!

We are anxiously awaiting the 27th of March. That's the day we load an absolute ton of amazing vintage finds into two or maybe three 28 foot U-Haul trucks and drive them to Michigan. Chip and I have spent pretty much every Thursday and Friday for the past two years at every junk store and estate sale we can get our hands on. Last week, I got in a bitch fight with a lady over a mannequin decoupaged in a map of Nashville and dug through the basement of an eccentric old folk artist who did a series of paintings of dogs, eagles and women in American flag bikinis. I also found a map from 1953 of Greenwich, Connecticut that will look fabulous when it's framed. We love every piece that we find but we are kind of like those old ladies you hear about on the news that hoard cats. We need to find good homes for the the treasures that follow us home.

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