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Grand Rapids, MI

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where I've Been

 You've probably been wondering if I died.  It's been pretty quiet here in blogger world for several weeks but I assure you that I have not been watching TV and ignoring you all.  My Michigan memory tells me to run outside and enjoy every waking moment of this beautiful summer.  So I went a little crazy and re-landscaped the front yard.
 This is a birdbath that I made from a vintage tomato cage that I scored at an estate sale last summer.  The top is from an urn that had almost met an unfortunate end when the base broke off.  Thank goodness I never throw things away!  In the back is an aqua urn full of herbs that I always use. Dill, basil and thyme.
 Cosmos are my favorite cutting flower and since I don't have a tilled garden, I have mixed my garden favorites in with my other pots.
 I am in love with black flowers.  These petunias are so beautiful and they smell amazing after the sun sets.  Chip says I always like things that look like they came from a witch's house.  I may need to turn him into a frog.
 I treat each pot as a still life.  The composition of color and form is everything when it comes to mixed accent pots.  This beauty looks great next to our aqua adirondack chairs.
 Too beautiful not to show you!
Most nights you will see us here in our outdoor living room.  We have decided that we will spend every available moment here until the snow flies.  By then I am sure we will grow tired of dead-heading and watering and will be ready for cozy movie nights.  Somehow, right now, I can't even imagine it. -Dann