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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shades of Gray. And other attack chicken stories.

 No rest for the wicked.  I must have been really bad.   I am swimming in a sea of custom paint projects! That is a wonderful challenge to have.  As my friend Karla says, I "give gratitude" for a full shop and excited, loyal customers.  On this our one year anniversary week, it feels good to see the projects keep coming.  I am working on these lovely chairs for a client right now and I am so excited to see the drab cherry finish melt away.  In this shade they feel much more like a style I saw at Pottery Barn not too long ago.  Wait 'til you see the fabric that we are doing on the seats!
I was also thrilled to be able to paint outside on a sunny day.  Much better than having to build a wood fire before I started to paint!  On the flip side, I was screamed at by a loud group of very daunting chickens.  I may have peed a little when they snuck up behind me.  Only in the country.  Later I found out that they are a roving band of Guinea hens.  Yikes.  They were scary up close but the perfect shade of gray.  I feel an inspiration for a new Rebel furniture paint color.  Enjoy your sunny weekend.   We've wated a long time and the wait has made it wonderful!  dann

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